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Debt & Equity Capital Raises

Capital Raising Services

Raising capital for an acquisition, organic growth plan, or just reducing personal risk by taking money out of the company requires current knowledge of the market and the available options.

Types of Debts and Equity Financing

Raising capital for your business beyond a standard bank line is complicated and time consuming. If you have growth plans or want to pursue an acquisition, efficiency and speed are essential. Traditional banks, however, are more limited than ever regulations in what they can offer. This has led to a surge in “non-bank lenders” and other capital providers in the market. There are literally thousands of capital sources offering a wide range of options that fit almost any situation. Because these sources don’t advertise or have street corner branches, they can be difficult to identify and understand.

We make it our business to know sources for equity and all types of debt capital to fit any situation. We help you determine the right amounts and types of capital you need: equity, one of the many types of debt, or a combination. We reach out to the right capital sources for your needs: cash flow lenders, asset-based lenders, traditional banks, non-bank lenders, Business Development Companies, family offices, funds, Small Business Investment Companies, private equity funds, and more. We match your goals and needs with the right capital sources at the right price.

Through our operating experience, we know how to structure debts and organize cash management so that the facilities match the needs of the business.  It's also imperative that the debt be structured around any equity capital that is raised.

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