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Investment Banking - Closing the Deal

Our Differences

Experience Matters

We are a different type of investment bank because of our decades of experience operating and investing in businesses. Each of the Managing Directors of Telos Capital Advisors have more than 25 years of experience operating companies as C-level officers. We've often said we are not investment bankers, but rather operators that do investment banking, and we believe that is an important distinction. This means we have faced industry and competitive challenges; we have experienced hiring and employee performance issues, and we have grown and repositioned our companies through an extensive number of M&A transactions as insiders. Simply put, these experiences favorably shape how we approach transactions for our clients. And because of this operational experience, we often identify, explain, and monetize the hidden operational and strategic value whereas others can only see a transaction checklist.

How we process transactions is also entirely different. We do not hand off the work to lesser qualified staff members. So, when you meet with us, you are meeting with the individuals that will work the entire transaction and we are the ones that will communicate to potential investors/buyers. Because we are so hands-on, as an entire group, we only work 3-5 transactions a year.

As a group we uniquely share the following professional experiences and bring these experiences to every transaction.

Business Owner

We have lived the uncertainty and stress of entrepreneurial life and navigated personal guarantees and responsibilities to employees, investors, suppliers, and vendors.

Chief Financial Officer

Knowledge of business controls, accounting, cash management, and financial reporting.

Private Equity Investor

Founders of a private equity firm with a deep understanding of how investors compare, analyze, and value companies.

Investment Banker

Understand the details of negotiating a transaction including optimal structures or sales and capital raises.

Company Investor

Experts on company positioning and return parameters for different investors, industries, and economic environments.

Chief Executive Officer

Having walked in our clients’ shoes, we value mutual respect and fundamental business principles.

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